Best Coast Bagels

We’re Tim (left) and Jules (right) founders of Best Coast Bagels.

In 2018 we moved to California from the East Coast. Right away we both loved it here. The warm weather, the beaches, the mountains the people, everything was the awesome. But something was missing. It wasn’t until a tequila and enchilada filled night in San Diego that we realized what it was: good East Coast style bagels.

We knew we had to fix the bagel problem. Had either of us ever made a bagel? No. But that changed quickly. The next morning we hit the kitchen and started experimenting with recipes. Day in and day out for nearly 2 years we made thousands of bagels in our home kitchens until finally we cracked the code and the first Best Coast Bagel was born.

Fast forward to 2022 and we’ve hand rolled, boiled and baked thousands of bagels. Starting in our home kitchen and graduating to a commercial space downtown, Best Coast Bagels has become a reality and now the East Coast staple so many of our fellow Northeast transplants have been missing and our West Coast friends didn’t know they didn’t have is here to stay.